EyeGate Limited is an innovative New Zealand company that has developed innovative parking management solutions using state of the art Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) technology.

EyeGate develops, manufactures, installs, and provides after-sales services for all their Parking Solutions.

In 2012 EyeGate launched New Zealand’s first fully ticketless car park management system that utilised License Plate Recognition (LPR) Technology for revenue collection and access control.

Over the years the company has constantly innovated to develop state-of-the-art solutions that make parking efficient for users as well as profitable and easy to manage for operators.

EyeGate’s equipment is robust, reliable and designed for long term performance. EyeGate’s experts will work with you to tailor a solution to satisfy all your requirements in a cost efficient way.

EyeGate’s accurate, easy to use, feature rich car park management solutions help car park operators to reduce operational inefficiencies, enhance security, maximise customer satisfaction and loyalty and increasing profits.

EyeGate LPR system is proudly designed and developed in New Zealand.