Parking Infringement Notice Enforcement Solution

In order to make sure parking spaces are used optimally, parking conditions are adhered to and to ensure that the correct revenue is collected, car park staff patrols and enforcement are often required.

Predominantly used in Pay & Display, Pay by Plate and Permit car parks, Parking Infringement Notices (PIN’s) can be issued to vehicles that have infringed the parking terms and conditions. EyeGate’s solution can be customised to meet each of car park’s rules, allowing enforcement staff to issue PINs through EyeGate’s smartphone application or by using paper-based tickets.

PINs can either be added to the system directly by enforcement staff, in real time and with photographic evidence, by using the android smartphone app or paper-based PINs and digital photos can be uploaded through easy-to-use web pages when the enforcement staff return to their operations centre.

PINs can be paid by the customer directly via your website, or payments can be processed on the customer’s behalf in a parking office or call centre. The payment rules can be configured per location and the price presented to, and paid by the customer is automatically calculated.

Often enforcement officers need to patrol areas where communication connectivity may be unreliable. To ensure enforcement officers can issue a PIN even when connectivity is not present, the smartphone app works in online and offline mode.