LPR Solution for Car Park Management

EyeGate License Plate Recognition (LPR) carpark management solution is a ticketless parking system that is cost-effective, reliable, accurate and fast.

It stores, tracks and manages vehicles into any controlled car park area. EyeGate was the first in New Zealand to implement a ticketless car park utilising license plate recognition technology for access control and revenue collection. The solution eliminates the need of paper cards or swipe cards.

EyeGate’s patent pending hardware uses strategically embedded cameras in its hardware.

The software accurately recognises 99.5% of all extracted licence plates making it a leader in LPR technology.

For each lane, the entry of a vehicle until the barrier arm starts lifting is under four seconds with the majority being under one second. The fast response time ensures there is no extended stopping at entrance and exit.

Extraction of license plate information is used to calculate the payment due and collection of payment may be facilitated via full-service Kiosk, self-service Kiosk or online via the web or mobile app.

At the heart of EyeGate LPR, ticketless parking system is the intelligent management system and database. The team at EyeGate has worked on not only the technical systems architecture but also the user interface. They have made it fast, easy to use and accessible.


  • Patent pending hardware
  • Fast lane processing (sub 4 seconds)
  • Simple touch payment kiosks (both cash and card kiosk, or card only kiosk)
  • Mobile application
  • Advance booking of a parking bay
  • Pre-paying for a parking bay
  • Payment via:
    • Electronic wallet (stored value)
    • Credit Cards
    • Internet banking
    • UnionPay
    • Alipay
    • WeChat Pay
  • Full suite of reporting functions
  • Intelligent alert system of vehicles of interest
  • Flexible Intercom system
  • Remote management of car park
  • Integrated Security


The proven technology has the following features

  • The speed of entry and exit. Quick response time of less than 4 seconds for access control. Fast flow eliminates queues at entrance and exit.
  • Industry leading 99.8% reading accuracy of license plates.
  • Ticketless processing. No more dealing with stolen/lost tickets.
  • The system operates seamlessly with minimal human intervention at the barrier gates.
    • A wide range of payment options (Eftpos, credit/debit cards, cash and Internet bank transfers). Payment can be done at:
    • unattended payment kiosks on site
    • attended POS (Point of Sale) terminals on site
    • online payment anywhere, anytime on any smart device or PC.
    • mobile app which can connect to a prepaid account and an electronic wallet.
    • Advance booking of car park via our online offering mobile app.
  • Range of pricing options besides early bird and hourly rates
    • multi entry/exit day pass
    • passcode access
    • events charging including an online validator
    • long term or account holders
    • invoice another entity who wishes to pay for their clients’ parking charges
  • Minimise bad debts even if vehicle exits without paying. All debts accumulated on the system and recorded against the vehicle license plate.
  • Increased security. Alert signal sent when stolen vehicle or vehicles of interest enter the car park, and ‘blacklisted’ vehicles can be prohibited from entering the car park.
  • Full suite of reporting and auditing reports and schedules which allow you to see real-time data for daily management of car park and analysis of historical data to track performance and for future planning.
  • The car park can be remotely managed, operated and monitored. A live view of all gates enables quicker response to customer issues.
  • The system is scalable and easily upgraded. Additional features can be added.
  • Suitable for standalone owner operated car park to multi-car parks managed by car park operator.
  • Patent pending hardware can be deployed at indoor covered carparks or outdoor car parks.
  • Ability to manage “nesting”, event parking, special limited access, VIP access.