Carpark Reservations & Pre-booking

The Reservations and Pre-booking software provide car park owners/operators with the ability to pre-sell parking spaces across their parking locations. Pre-selling car park spaces benefits both the parking operator by improving cash flow, forecasting and customer information capture, and the customer, who has access to reduced parking rates or premium services.

Carpark reservations can be offered at any parking location including:

  • Airports
  • Bus and Train stations
  • Hotels
  • Commuter Parking
  • Shopping Centres
  • Town & City Centre

The parking software can easily be integrated into your website, ensuring brand continuity throughout the purchasing process. The integration between the parking reservation software (website and call centre) and Payment Services Providers ensuring that all monies are processed securely, directly into the parking operator’s bank account.

This web-based cloud solution can be deployed easily across many locations, without the need to install software on any PC or Server. Users simply access their account using a standard internet browser on any device.